How Jet Ski works

Jet skies are the most favorable things to have amazing and adventure water activities and they float like a pro on the water and people who love speed they never want to miss the Jet Ski experience.  Lifeguards use Jet Ski at the sea line to save people’s life. It is also known as PWC […]

How jammer works

Nowadays as we all know that mobiles and cell phones have been used everywhere and they have become an important part of our regular life. The “Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association” conducted a study and shown that more than 195 million people were using cell phones in the year 2005 and now maybe the numbers have […]

YouTube & Netflix

Since it initially propelled in 2005, YouTube has rapidly turned into the main goal for video content web based, drawing in more than one billion customary clients. The Google-possessed site picked up prevalence by empowering individuals to impart their recordings to others everywhere throughout the world, regardless of whether it’s a diverting clasp of their […]


As we move deeper into the twenty-first century there is a major trend to enhance the body with “cyborg technology”. In fact, due to medical necessity, there are currently millions of people worldwide equipped with prosthetic devices to restore lost functions, and there is a growing DIY movement to self-enhance the body to create new […]

Crypto currency and Technology Behind it

In 2016, the market capitalization of Bitcoin came to more than 10 billion USD, demonstrating that planning and keeping up a disseminated cryptographic money is in fact doable today. In spite of the fact that the specialized primitives, which are basically cryptographic hash capacities, and uneven cryptography have existed for some time, Bitcoin was the […]

About Bullet Trains

Bullet-trains are nothing but high-speed trains. Japanese were the first to invent high-speed trains in 1964 which were later known as bullet-trains owing to the shape of their nose-cone resembling a bullet. Most high-speed trains run on electricity. Currently most high-speed trains are EMU train-sets. The pantograph of a train collects the electricity which is […]

About Battery

The battery originated with Alessandro Volta who, in 1799, invented the Voltaic pile, a pile of silver and zinc disks, separated by pieces of fabric saturated with sea water that supplied an electric current when connected by wire. His work was based on that Luigi Galvani, who has noticed that a dead frog’s legs twitched […]