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How Tesla Autopilot works

Modern time is an era of technology. Tesla autopilots are very helpful in the reduction of accident ratio nearby 50%. Tesla autopilot has autonomous features. It is a driver-less technology.

Tesla autopilot works with the sensor system. It has auto-steering system that controls the steering wheel. A car is internally covered by the many sensors in Tesla autopilot. This system includes a camera, radar, GPS, Ultrasonic Sonar, auto-brakes, and other sensors.

These all help to move the car automatically. These sensors have the capacity to sense every movement surrounding 16 feet distance from car. Tesla autopilot system has one more quality of self car parking in a parallel position and perpendicular position.

Tesla autopilot system is useful only when a car runs on the highway because roads and streets of cities are heavily rushed.

How to activate the autopilot?

If we want a car to move it then first of all, we have to activate autopilot mode.

For activation just pull the stalk twice. After activation car will be able to change lanes, auto-breaking controls speed and other activities.

About the camera:

The forward facing camera is just like the eye of the car and it is set on the windshield. All system is computerized and the camera works automatically to see traffic ahead of the car.


The radar of Tesla autopilot has the capacity to look forward about 500 feet away from the car. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla autopilot said that radar can see through the sand, rain, and fog. Radar also helps to detect traffic around the car.

Ultrasonic Sonar:

The ultrasonic sonar helps to observe some objects near the car like animals, children, barriers, etc. It will be also helpful when it’s very dark or less lighting on the road.


As you all know about it very well. GPS or Global Positioning System helps to locate the car on anywhere. It is also a navigation system.

Cruise control system:

Tesla autopilot has advance software of driver-less technology. Cameras, radars and all sensors of this system adjust the car speed according to the traffic. Tesla system also examines the position of other vehicles around the car and manages every activity needed on the highway. 

About Tesla autopilot

Here we want you to know about the Tesla Autopilot from the beginning. 

Mr. Elon Musk is known as the founder of Tesla Autopilot System.

In October 2014, two types of Tesla models released, these are the initial versions- Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

In October 2015, the new version of Tesla was announced that is called Tesla 7.0.

After that, Elon Musk released a new version of Tesla autopilot in august 2016, it is Tesla autopilot 8.0. Later in the year 2016 a model 8.1 also announced as an enhanced model and extra features. It has more convenient and advanced technical features.

Nowadays many drivers are using Tesla autopilot system on highways. It prevents to stick behind the slow speed vehicles and makes our travel easy and fast. Auto steering system controls the steering wheel itself and it also has a lane-changing system so car changes lanes without the help of a driver.

Here you must notice that Tesla autopilot system wouldn’t work when it is not enabled and signs of roads are unclear. It doesn’t work perfectly in the residential area and urban streets. 

In some situations, driver must pay attention to the car. 

There is an awesome quality in it that if the autopilot system is unable in self-controlling and the driver doesn’t take it under control then it gives audible and visual indications to the drivers. Drivers must be aware, if he is careless and couldn’t get alerts then it can cause an accident.  

How Lithium-ion Battery Works

If you are using a laptop, iPod, a mobile, or an Mp3 player or a PDAs then you must know that these all devices include lithium-ion battery with rechargeable advantage. These batteries efficiently work well and provide power to our gadgets that runs for a long time.    

Nowadays it is breaking news that lithium-ion batteries extremely burst and injured people that is a minus point of the batteries but it happens twice or thrice into millions of cases.

We would surely credit the person for discovering the lithium ion concept and his name was Gilbert Lewis and these batteries are popular since 1991. Now we must understand the concept that how lithium-ion battery works and they are so much powerful and energetic so let’s have a closer look at that:-

The working procedure of lithium-ion batteries:

Like any other ordinary battery lithium-ion battery also contains multiple power-building boxes that are known as cells. Each cell has three modules one is a negative electrode, second is, a positive electrode and the third one is, an electrolyte that is a chemical present between negative and positive electrode. It is also called separator.

The positive part is made off lithium-ion phosphate or lithium cobalt oxide and the negative part is made of carbon.        

When the batteries set up for charging the positive part gives some electrodes to the negative part that floats through the electrolytes.

The battery store up this energy and lithium is a powerful component that can store power for a long time.   

When the battery gets discharged, the lithium-ion moves through lithium cobalt oxide from carbon.

Each cell of lithium battery generates 3.7 volts and this is quite powerful that is also needed to charge the batteries fast.

Sometimes your device or gadget becomes hot during charging, in that case, you must avoid the start the devices or there can be a short circuit or severe damage can happen.

The movements of lithium-ion batteries are connected with each other if one movement stops working the other will automatically stop. That’s why whenever you switch off the phone the electrons stops and instantly the ions stop as well.

Benefits of lithium-ion batteries:

The lithium-ion batters are light-weighted and many efficient batteries and they are less harmful for our environment.

These batteries are far better that those old nickel-metal batteries that were very heavy.

Lithium-ion batteries never suffer from memory effect means whenever you lose charging you can easily charge them up.      

These batteries can face numbers of charging and discharging periods without any extra damage and they work for a long time.

Disadvantages of lithium-ion battery:

It has been seen is some cases that lithium-ion batteries can work better for 3 to 4 years and after that, they start losing their power storing ability.

These batteries are very sensitive to heat and can burst into flame that is one of the most dangerous parts of lithium-ion batteries.

If you leave this battery uncharged for a long time then it can be ruined properly and you will have to buy a new one.


Lithium-ion batteries have been used in various field and they have transformed the technology by providing a long-lasting battery back-up to our devices. Like any other technology it has also pros and cons and there are many researches are under revision to reduce the negative effects of lithium-ion batteries.

Try to avoid excess charging of batteries and whenever you feel that device is hot due to batteries leave it for some time and let it cool down and use your gadget.   We hope now you understand how these batteries used and how they work.

How Microwave Works

Microwave ovens are reckoned as one of the great inventions of the 20th century and it has eased up our life and the domestic chores that often takes a lot of time. You just have to press some few buttons and set the temperature and the food cooks in a few minutes.

The microwave working procedure depends on radio waves and when they launched first in the 1970’s they rock the modern kitchens and people liked them so much.

In this article, we would discuss microwaves technology, how they work and many more interesting things so stay tuned with us and check out the whole details.

The technique behind Microwave:

To heat up the meal and form cooking it properly the microwaves have been used through radiation. The radiation spread around the food and even cooks small molecules.   

The electromagnetic waves can work throughout in a small area as the microwaves are designed. Commonly a basic microwave oven uses 2.45 gigahertz frequency to cook food.

These electromagnetic waves are absorbed by sugar water and fat and after a few seconds converted into heat. These waves don’t affect a ceramic and plastic utensil that’s why we use them rather than metallic bowls.  

How does microwave works:

Microwave made from sturdy metal material and there is a small generator has been installed to produce microwaves known as a magnetron. When you switch on the microwave instantly magnetron fetch power from the circuit and starts heats up the microwave with spreading waves around the metallic box via a wave-guide.

As we know that you keep your food at a spinning glass plate and it rotates so the food can evenly cook from every side.

The tiny waves enter into the food and heat and cook its small particles well. The microwaves are very fast and their speed helps to heat the food fast and well.

Normally, the inside air of the microwave is like normal room temperature and if you want a crust on your pastries or baking items then you have to use cardboard to get it as the experts use it.

Microwave can’t enter into the thick layer and works efficiently with 1 inch. If you are thinking about cooking something bigger and thicker like a meat piece then the outer layer will be cooked but the inner part would be raw.

Generally, people cook small portions of their food because they know the fact well.

Are microwave are safe to use:    


Yes, this is a big true that microwave ovens are a far better and efficient way to cook food compared to a conventional oven.

There is a metallic grid has been installed with holes in the microwave and you can see it that works like a protective shield and locked up the waves inside the microwave.

It comes with a sensor and interlock and when your food is ready it give an indication with a buzzer fixed with the magnetron.  

In any case of any leaking or the door is not closed properly, the microwave stops working but never harm you.


The tiny metallic box is really stunning and efficient to cook food. Our ancestors must be very happy if they had seen it before. The food that takes hours in cooking and takes a lot of energy and time can be cooked in minutes.

Now there are many modern and smart microwaves are launched in the industry that works on sensors and are very safe to use.

We hope now you know how a microwave works and whenever you will see this in your kitchen you will feel acquainted with it.