how to make website

Making a website is simple now a days. In this article we are going to talk about how to make a website. Please follow the instructions. Register a Domain Name – This is the first step that you have to do before you go online. You can register domain name at or another registrar […]


To open whats app web follow the following instructions: Open whatsapp click on three dots at top right corner click on linked devices visit in your pc now scan the qr code by click add new devices in your mobile whatsapp After scanning is successful you will be automatically logged in.

30 Facts about Wind Turbines

How wind turbines work they work on the same principle of a fan, where a fan generates wind through electricity same way a wind turbine generates electricity from the wind. Wind turns the blade of wind turbine and this spins the generator inside which creates electricity. Wind is a form of solar energy because it […]

How to make oxygen from Wind Turbine

To understand this first we need to understand how oxygen is extracted and stored in cylinder. oxygen can be extracted from air by the process of liquefaction and then fractional distillation. Basically we have mainly 4 gases in our lower atmosphere i.e carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and argon. To achieve the process of liquefaction we […]

How Tesla Autopilot works

Modern time is an era of technology. Tesla autopilots are very helpful in the reduction of accident ratio nearby 50%. Tesla autopilot has autonomous features. It is a driver-less technology. Tesla autopilot works with the sensor system. It has auto-steering system that controls the steering wheel. A car is internally covered by the many sensors […]

How Lithium-ion Battery Works

If you are using a laptop, iPod, a mobile, or an Mp3 player or a PDAs then you must know that these all devices include lithium-ion battery with rechargeable advantage. These batteries efficiently work well and provide power to our gadgets that runs for a long time.     Nowadays it is breaking news that lithium-ion […]

How Microwave Works

Microwave ovens are reckoned as one of the great inventions of the 20th century and it has eased up our life and the domestic chores that often takes a lot of time. You just have to press some few buttons and set the temperature and the food cooks in a few minutes. The microwave working […]