Almond Tree Facts

Almond tree is a deciduous tree that belongs to the prunus genus. This tree reaches a height of 4 to 3 metres and a mature tree has a diameter of 30 cm. Flowers appear singly or in pairs in Early Spring. Almond is called Drupe in botanical terms. Almond trees need sunlight and summer is […]

Why trees live longer

Do you know the oldest tree in the World ? It is Old Tjikko which is 9550 years old. This tree is located in FulufjÀllet Mountain of Dalarna province in Sweden. The age of this tree was determined using carbon dating. Seeing this tree alive after 9550 years you might have question in your mind […]

How do plants in the Deep ocean survive with little or no sunlight

As we know the sunlight can hardly reach deep sea floor so the question arises how do deep sea plants survive with no sunlight. This place seems impossible for sustaining life but some plants and animals still survive in those conditions where the pressure is high and temperature is very low. One of the plants […]