How to restart your life?

Life is hard and restarting your life is even harder but you must remember one thing that after every night there will be a day and that day won’t be same as your present day. It will be better and far more better, hard times pass just like good times pass. Nothing is permanent in […]

5 Most Important things for success

Goal To become successful first thing you need is Goal. A goal or aim should be your main target for that period of time. It’s better to focus on one goal at a time rather than multiple. Your goal should be very clear to you. A goal can a long term goal and a short […]

Why am I jobless

There many people who are jobless and ask this question very often to themselves and are really confused about why are they actually jobless when they should have a job and a life partner. This article is for those people who are currently jobless or are looking for job opportunity or are thinking to start […]

Some ways to stay original

Everyone is born with different faces, characteristics and qualities. It is always a good idea to stick to our roots. We should not forget our core personality, nature that makes us different from all other people around. Here i am listing some ways to stay to your own personalities, characteristics and qualities. Don’t try to […]