List of Famous Indian Dialects

According to the latest analysis, more than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India. Language is the main feature that helps people to communicate and develop a relationship with each other. We are mentioning a list of some Indian dialects that would be quite interesting so let’s see what they are:- Hindi The most […]

30 Most Commonly Used Words In The Hindi Language

Every reader who is looking forward to learning the 30 most common words used in the Hindi language must know that like English, this language also has conjunctions. These work as a framework for any language, whether it is Hindi or English. Now, what are Hindi conjunctions? We will be briefing them in detail with […]

Telugu Alphabets in Hindi

క -> ka -> क ఖ -> kha -> ख గ -> ga -> ग ఘ -> gha -> घ ఙ -> nga -> ङ చ -> ca -> च ఛ -> cha -> छ జ -> ja -> ज ఝ -> jha -> झ ఞ -> nya -> ञ ట -> ta -> ट […]

1 to 100 numbers in Hindi and Tamil

English Numeral Tamil Number Tamil Transliteration Hindi Number Hindi Transliteration 0 பூஜ்ஜியம் Poojyam शून्य Shunya 1 ஒன்று Ondru एक Ek 2 இரண்டு Irandu दो Do 3 மூன்று Mundru तीन Teen 4 நான்கு Naangu चार Char 5 ஐந்து Aintu पांच Panch 6 ஆறு Aaru छह Cheh 7 ஏழு Aelu सात Saat 8 எட்டு Ettu आठ Aath […]