Interior Design Ideas for Small Indian Homes

Whether you are living in a small apartment or in your house the interior must be eye-catching and smart. That is a big truth that proper interior ideas can change the whole look of your small Indian home.

Indian love bright colors and they need such house which is suitable for every person and an area that provide personal space too. Now modern techniques have combined the advanced designing ideas with traditional interior and the result is quite amazing.

If you are searching for interior design ideas for small Indian house then have a look here and you will definitely get many.

Use elegant carving in walls:

Walls are all around in our house whether small or big so if you can do some artwork with your walls then it can be a good idea. Normal looking walls with bright colors are now out dated.

You can use some wall decor paintings that will enhance the natural appearance of your home. You can also use some stonework or wooden work into your walls of the living room area or drawing room to make it more funky and luxurious. Use glasses despite walls to make natural light.  

Change the lightning:

Use bright lightening for your small Indian house and try to add huge windows that will let the sunlight come inside the house. By extending the window area your small house will feel like a huge one.

Adding windows can be cost-effective for small houses and fresh air will keep the house fresh whole day.

Style up your kitchen area:

The simplicity is always best and that rule also applies for interior designing. Forgot those old styles of kitchen and use stylish kitchen cabinets that look stunning and provides a wide space for your appliances.  

Add some more drawers to keep your items and make space at the main kitchen station. Use bright colors for your kitchen area so as the lightning and an open kitchen would be a great choice.       

Change the walking mode:

You must use each and every part in small Indian home and staircase is the area that can be converted into a smart usable place. you can use the under area of stairs and can make cabinets or designing wooden pieces that looks royal and space can be used for many other purposes.  

Add nature effect:

Nature-effect is necessary for every home so you can place some beautiful plants that will suitable for indoor space. These plants can be placed in the living area and drawing room.

There are many artificial grass carpets available online that will increase the natural effects. You can also use wall paintings like a waterfall or a tree or birds and make a special corner to sit and relax.  

Wooden furniture would work:

As we know that a small house area can’t bear the large wooden furniture so in that case, you can use small items that will suit your adorable home decor and interior. You can use a bunk bed for your kids that will save a lot of space and would be ideal for your kids.

Make a relaxing space:   

Even a small house must have a small comer to relax for some moments. As everybody needs some personal space for own self. You can Place a sofa or a divan to the corner and make a small book shelf.

You can use this area for reading, having a cup of tea, or simply for sitting. Even your guests would love the place. You can also add some plants around the area that will provide a soothing perception.  

Traditional Indian Home Decorating Ideas

The traditional style Indian home decor is considered as the most vibrant, colorful, interesting, attractive, and exotic. If you are looking for some ideas to decorate your home in traditional Indian way then this article can be very helpful and useful for you because here we are listing some amazing ideas that will transform your home totally.

You will see the glimpse of art, history, and tradition at one place which is necessary for traditional home decor so let’s have a glance at these ideas:-

Vibrant and bright colors:

Bright wall colors always highlight the royal beauty of your house. If you want a traditional Indian look for your house then try to paint the walls with vibrant colors. You can also take suggestion from an expert and ask for a better choice.

The Earthy shades like bright yellow, burnt orange or light brown would be perfect for the walls or the floor. You can also choose bright and dark colors for the pillowcases and other small appliances that will change the complete look of your space.   

Ergonomic furniture:

For a traditional and authentic Indian home decor, you must take care of the furniture choice. The furniture should be made of sturdy wooden with some metallic craving and crafting.

Also, the color should be dark and bright. Never choose plastic furniture if you want a royal decor. There are many superb items available online to buy or you can also go to the antique shop for buying one.     

Attractive cabinets:

The classy Indian cabinets can’t be simple or formal. Always choose traditional cabinets with sturdy material with some stone or mirror work. you can use these cabinets to keep your small accessories but overall they are just showpieces to enhance the traditional beauty of your home.

Space for Individual:

The tradition homes also have space for personal usage and never ignore this point. However, the modern houses are becoming small with lots of gadgets and appliances but an Indian house contains an informal space for relaxation.   

A relaxing chair, divans, a jhoola, footstool or a cozy sofa would be a great choice. The tiny cushions or rugs can increase the decor as well as comfort.     

Use some artistic material:

Without using any artistic material an Indian traditional decor is incomplete. There are numbers of the item available in the market or you can purchase online many kinds of art pieces like bells, vase, diyas, clay items, metallic items, sandalwood box, and many other things that will suitable for your drawing room or living room area.

You can also go for some lamps and masks. There are many paintings available that shows the old royalty of kings and queens.      

Use quality fabric:

As we all know that Indian culture and tradition are quite popular all over the world and people are curious to know about Indian history. You must use quality items for your houses like the fabric of curtains and fine bed sheets for your divans and beds.

Use silk fabric for your pillows and cushions and cotton material for side chairs. One can also use traditional carpets that are really amazing and ideal for your guest room.       

Add some cultural items:

India is a huge hub of cultural items whether you can add some Rajasthani artwork like paintings, hanging items, designed decorative items, etc. Madhubani paintings are also worthy for a traditional decor and one of the most popular painting is “Bani Thani” that is actually a painting of a beautiful woman. Use large items as the centerpieces and make a small gallery for small items. We hope that your home will get a new classy look for sure.

10 Indoor Flowering Plants that do not need Sunlight in India

Everybody loves the touch of nature and we all know that most of the plants need proper sunlight to grow and develop.

If you are looking for such flowering plants that do not need sunlight in India and you can keep them to your living area, drawing room, or anywhere in your house.

Fortunately, there are many suitable plants available that only grow without direct sunlight and you can place them indoor area. Here we are listing 10 indoor flowering plants that only need a little shade and moisture, so let’s take a look:-


There are 50 different varieties available of Dracaena plant and this one is suitable for indoor space. It looks great at your home and you can place it anywhere in your house.

Try to avoid excess watering only water it whenever soil looks dry.

Maidenhair Fern:

If you are a fern lover then this plant can be a favorable choice as an indoor plant. The plant looks like human hairs and the leaves cover the whole pot slowly. All you need to notice one thing that avoids excess watering of this plant.  


This tropical plant can be grown anywhere and it is suitable for both options an indoor and outdoor areas. It looks great after grow well and need less sunlight and keep away this from direct sunlight.  

Parlor palm:

Parlor palm is a popular plant of palm family, especially for indoor areas. This plant can be grown easily in darker places without sunlight. It requires no extra care or attention that’s why people love it.  

Snake plant:

Snake plant or also known as Mother in law’s tongue plant is adored by many plant lovers and it is great indoor flowering plants that need no sunlight to grow. It is a famous plant and needs less care and maintenance. The snake plant can bear the dark areas and can survive easily in the less water.  


Umbrella palm is also a good choice as an indoor plant. This evergreen palm can be grown to the dark areas but it should be kept at the moisture place. One can also keep the tray filled with water under the palm.  

Creeping Fig:

This tiny plant grows slowly and needs less water. The leaves are dense and thick and it looks wonderful and suits your home decor. Only remember that water the plant whenever the soil looks dry.   

The dark green shaded leaves spread surrounding the pot that makes it more vibrant and attractive.

Prayer plant:

Prayer plant or also known as Maranta Leuconeura is a suitable plant for indoor places and it looks really beautiful. It grows perfectly well without needing direct sunlight. Even the straight sunlight can harm the leaves.


One of the most pretty and lovely plants that are also known as peacock plant and it grows well in the light shade and less sunlight. All it needs the proper watering according to the temperature of atmosphere.  

Money plant:  

Money plant or also known as Devil’s Ivy can be grown indoor areas and need less maintenance and sunlight. This plant has been grown in most of the Asiatic countries on a large scale and some of them consider it as a holy plant.  

These plants will not only decorate the house but also enhance the natural feeling in the house that will provide a deep calmness and relaxation to you. We hope that you like this article and please share your thoughts with us.