List of famous Indian Hindu kings

India has a great and vibrant history that has influenced the whole world. Many amazing kings and emperors have ruled here and left a significant mark on history. In this democratic country, you will see a glimpse of famous Indian Hindu kings and their ruling ability and here we are listing the brief detail about […]

List of Famous Indian Dynasties

Indian history has seen many great dynasties, their powers, rising, and falling and the uniqueness of multiple dynasties makes India different from other countries. Here we are presenting list of famous Indian dynasties  so let’s have a closer look at that:- Mauryan Empire The famous Mauryan Empire was established by Chandragupta Maurya from 321 BC […]

List of Famous Indian Wars

In today’s time whenever we think about India the very first thing that came to mind are the wars we had fought for United India. Here is a list of few wars:- THE FIRST BATTLE OF PANIPAT 1526 The first famous war is the battle of Panipat; it is the location that has witnessed three […]

List of Top Indian Architecture

The architecture of India has been affected by many outer cultures and religions but the structure they leave behind is magnificent. These architecture and structures are divided into various forms like Hindu architecture, Mughal architecture, Dravidian art, Indo-Islamic architecture, and Nagara art. You must visit once these beautiful and memorizing architectures and here we are […]

List of All Famous Indian Prime Ministers

A leader is required to run a country. A leader is elected by the public as Prime Minister. Many Prime Ministers came and went after independence, but there were some Prime Ministers who served the country of India. Now we are going to tell you about famous Prime Ministers form 1947 till now, who made […]

List of Top Indian States

India is a country with 29 interesting the states. Every the state is different in a culture that is very fascinating.  In this article, we would like to tell you about ten top the states of India with cultural variations. Rajasthan Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. The clear meaning of the word “Rajasthan” is […]

Prehistoric Dragonflies – Meganeura

Dragonflies the size of seagull used to roam our planet 300 million years ago. One theory suggests that abundant of oxygen at that time led to the rise of giant insects and one of them were dragonflies. This period is known as carboniferous period which lasted from 359 to 299 million years ago. Meganeura was […]