Comparison – Doritos vs. Cornitos vs. Bingo mad Angles

Dorritos, Nachos, and Bingo Mad Angles are some of the most loved snacks in India. They are enjoyed in parties or while watching a movie. They are suitable for munching. But are they good for health too? Have you ever thought about the frequency with which you should consume them? Let’s check out their details! […]

Comparison – Cadbury Dairy Milk vs. Nestle Kitkat vs. Snickers vs. Unibic Snack Bar

Almost everyone loves chocolates and candies. There is hardly a person who would say no to chocolate or a candy bar. But do you know the ingredients of your loved chocolate bars? Let us check out the ingredients and health effects of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Nestle KitKat, Snickers, and Unibic Snack bar. Cadbury Dairy Milk […]

Comparison – Fanta vs. Mirinda vs. Limca vs. Mountain Dew

Soft drinks like Fanta, Mirinda, Limca and mountain dew are some popular drinks in summer. Kids and adult love to enjoy them with ice after a long and hot day. But do you know the ingredients and the health effects of these drinks in the long run? If you have not given it much thought […]

Product Review – Pepsi vs. Coca Cola vs. Thumbs up vs. Sprite

Pepsi, Coca Cola, thumbs up and sprite are some of the soft drinks that are very popular in India as well as around the world. They are cherished more by the Indian consumers during summers when the heat and the sun take away all their energy. One sip of Pepsi, coke, thumbs up, or sprite […]

Product Review – Kurkure vs. Cheetos vs. Tedhe Medhe

India has a culture of snacks, and people love to have something to munch on between the meals. In such a scenario, bags of kurkure, or tedhe medhe comes in handy. But what are the main ingredients in these snacks? What health effects do these snack items have? Let’s check out! Kurkure Kurkure has become […]

Product Review – Horlicks Vs. BournVita Vs. Boost Vs. Complan Vs. Protinex

Health drinks to mix with milk or water have been trendy in India. For some, it is a means to enhance the taste of milk and gulp it down while others have it for its nutritional value and health benefits. So, let’s check out some of the significant health drinks that are popular in the […]

Mango Drinks Review – Maaza Vs. Slice Vs. Frooti

Maaza, slice, and frooti are three popular beverages in India that are known for their Mango flavor that is loved and cherished by all. It is one of the favorite cooling drinks to beat the heat in summer. But how do they differ from each other? Let’s check out! Maaza Maaza is known for its […]