Indian Animals Pictures with Names

India is a majestic land with many animals to its name. Not just pets but the country also has plenty of wild animals that roam the jungles too. Moreover, India has national parks and wild forests aplenty comprising of wild birds, animals, and reptiles. It is also a fascinating fact that more than 25% of […]

Extinct Animals and Birds in India

Many animals and birds have faced extinction in India, thanks to the unchecked hunting and loss of habitat. Although many environmental activists and NGOs are working relentlessly to protect and safeguard the interests of birds and animals, a lot still needs to be done. Despite all efforts, many animals and birds are no more found […]

10 Most Dangerous Animals in India

Although several animals are adopted as pets, there are plenty of wild animals in India that live by no one’s rules but their own. In addition to that, there are many animals in the country that are especially wild and possess some pretty dangerous characteristics. Although India has an animal-friendly and rich wildlife diversity, there […]

List of Poisonous Snakes in India

India is known to be the country of snakes and snake charmers. You can find some incredibly venomous snakes in the deep forests of India. There are more than 270 varieties of snakes in India out of which almost 60 are highly poisonous. Some of the most dangerous ones are Krait, Cobra, Russell’s Vipers, Saw-scaled […]

List of Non-Poisonous Snakes in India

People usually think that snakes and non-poisonous are oxymorons and cannot be used together. In the minds of people, snakes cannot be non-poisonous. However, that is not the case. Although snakes are life-threatening and dangerous, not all of them are a threat to humanity. India has a total of 270 species of snakes out of […]

Animals That Are Only Found in India

There are countless animals in India that make the country a mystic place. Here, we check out the top 7 animals that are found only in India! Snow Leopard Image Source The snow leopards are specific to India, and they are found in the rocky and steep regions of the Himalayas. These leopards come from […]

10 Facts About Indian Elephants

Elephants are the pride of India. They are humongous beings and have a great personality. They are also a national heritage of India with kind hearts. Indian elephants are also quite social and play, love, cry and laugh with people as well as other elephants. Here are 10 facts about Indian elephants that you probably […]