How do snakes breathe in water?

Snakes cannot breathe underwater because they do not have gills. Snakes are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for a longer period of time when they are under water. So the fact is snakes need air to breathe and they cannot breathe underwater. Most of the sea snakes can stay underwater for 30 minutes […]

10 facts about Fruit Bat

Fruit bats or also known as megabats contain one of the huge bats and mostly they eat fruits or nectar for survival. Their size makes them a little threatening and always misunderstood. So let’s see some more facts about fruit bats:- Facts  Most of the fruit bats stay active at the night but there are […]

10 facts about Frog

There are more than 4,700 species of frogs available all over the world and except Antarctica, frogs are everywhere on this earth.  Golden poison dart is a highly poisonous frog that can kill 100,000 people with only one gram of poison.  The more vibrant colors of frogs make them more dangerous and you can found […]

10 facts about Fox

Foxes are found in every part of this world including different species. Fox is known for its cleverness and they are smart creatures so let’s know more about a fox.  Interesting facts about fox:- Foxes are said to be nocturnal. They can easily climb on trees and chase their prey by using whiskers just like […]

10 facts about Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels don’t fly like a bird they glide from one place to another and doing this they look adorable. Let’s see more interesting facts about flying squirrels:- Facts Flying squirrels have black big round eyes that make them cute. The big eyes make their night vision clear and visible so they can easily find […]

10 Facts about Fly

Flies can be very annoying and bother you more than anyone. Some interesting facts about flies will amaze you when you’ll notice their style of feeding, breeding, and living so let’s take a look at them:- Facts  Flies don’t have such mouthparts that are necessary for chewing or biting the food so they survive on […]

10 facts about Flamingo

Flamingo word, is a combination of Spanish and Latin, which means Fire, and this beautiful bird appears bright pink or red sometimes looks like a fire.  The pink color of the flamingo bird is derived from its diet and it takes three years to get those bright pinkish-red colors which means the bird is quite […]