Call of duty heroes wiki

Call of duty heroes is one of the addictive as well as real time strategy game which is free of cost if you want to play. This game is oriented as per the IOS as well as android version. Faceroll games developed this game with a dream of taking this game on the top list of game list in the market and they achieved this target. Call of duty heroes position can be figure out on the finger because they earned their position by publishing such an elegant game for the gamers. This game is packed with lots of suspense and exciting unbelievable features which is beyond the thinking of the gamers. Though some of the players says that this game is similar to the clash of clans but I would like to correct them that this game is much exciting as compared to clash of clans game. Some of the heroes of this game is very much similar to the heroes of clash of clans. That’s why people made this view that playing clash of clan or call of duty:heroes is one of the same thing. But it’s not true. Isn’t it? Any android and ios user can enjoy this game. This game was released on November 26,2014 which tranforms the boring life of the gamers into exciting and full of craziness towards this game.

In this game, players have to control their army troops and arrange their defenses in such a way which can not get easily destroyed. They also have to control their heroes which are allowed to move in certain limit of area. Even, so many killers streaks are provided to the heroes to protect their ruling area while enemy team attacks on your bases. Basically, Killer streak includes predator missile, chopper gunner, and EMP. There are few more features in this game such as gold, oil, gems, shield s, etc. First of all, you have to buy gold mine, oil depots, diamond mines so that you can generate required resources to extend your base and make it more stronger. As we know that if we acquire all these resources then there should be any storage of saving gold , diamonds, and oil depots. So, for storing all these resources, you have to buy gold storage, oil pumps and diamond depots.

Uses of gold:
• Gold is used to upgrade your buildings, defenses, townhall which will increase your defenses strength and make your defenses as well as buildings more stronger than earlier.
• You can also unlock new features or defenses which are still locked in the store.
Uses of both gold and Oils:
• Gold and oils can also be used to construct your defenses such as:
• Sentry gun
• SAM Turret
• Howitzer Turret

Further, there are one protection named as ‘Shield’ available for the players which protects the player’s base and defences from the intruders. Shield is basically used for protecting their player’s base for the prescribed time which can be according to number of hours or number of days.
Please note that when you buy any shield for your base then don’t play any Pvp match which deactivate your shield and will not protect your base.

Units or troops:
We are aware of the term units which are called as group of troops. These units are the backbone of this game because it brings craze in the player of doing attack on the opponent players. Units can be categorized in two terms: regular unit which is mandatory for attacking on the enemy’s base and another one is heroes unit which can be picked up in the mid of the battle. These heroes are featured with special qualities and powers of destroy double- triple destruction as compare to Regular troops.

If we talk about troops then troops are divided into two categories of compound which are as follows:
• Training compound
• Machine compound
For these compounds, two facilities are also avails by the developers of this game:
• Ballistics labs
• Technology labs.

Pvp is a multiplayer mode in this game which allows you to attack on any random player’s bases.
Although, PvP is subdivided into two categories of battles which are as follows:

• Offensive battle : when you made a raid on any random player then it is known as Offensive battle.
• Defensive battle : when any player raided on your base then it is known as defensive battle.

Note: When any player raided on your base and destroyed your townhall as well as defenses then it will lead you to defeat and will deduct your reputation points. Similarly, if any player is unable to destroy your townhall along with some defenses and if its destruction percentage is also less than 50% then that player will suffer from defeat and reputation points will be awarded to you in this case.
If you will lose the defense than you will be allotted a shield which will protects you from defensive battle for a certain span of time.

How does the stars earned while doing offensive battle:

Stars can only be earn when you will destroy your enemy command center or taking 60% loot of the enemy resources or destroying whole base with a damage of 100%. So we can see that stars can be earned only on the bases of level of damage dealt and the amount of portion destroyed of the base. These destruction will also award you to earn 1 league points and Xp’s for your heroes and reputation points.

In total, there are six leagues in this game which are listed as follow:
• Green league:
• Red league
• Blue league
• Purple league
• Gold league
• Master league

There are three modes of battles which attracts the players towards this game. Those three modes are prescribes as follows:

* Campaign mode: in this mode, you will get so many tasks to complete on different-different places in this game. this campaign mode literally very interesting mode in this game because when you start accomplishing the tasks allotted to you then you will get a courage and madness of completing more challenges in this campaign mode. Campaign mode covers places which are as follows:
• South America
• Middle East
• Africa
• North Europe
• South Asia

* Survival mode: In this mode, player can test their base against various waves of troops, drones and machines, while winning prices in the process. This survival mode gets unlocked at command center level 4.
* Challenging mode: this mode is my favourite mode because you can challenge your base to any of your friend to destroy it. It is considered as one of the best mode in this game where you observes the strength of your base.

At the end, I just only want to suggest you that ‘ MUST PLAY THIS GAME’. Once you start playing this game then you will forget your friends because this game is having their own world.