How to teach online

There are many ways to teach online. We are going to list here some of the popular ways to teach online. YouTube – YouTube is the best way to reach wider audience and find your students. YouTube pays on views per thousand. Generally it is 1 USD less and more per thousand views. YouTube offers […]

10 Facts about Zebra

Zebra belongs to the family of horses they have excellent eyesight and hearing ability. They can run at speeds of up to 56 KM/h. They have a very powerful kick that can damage other animals like lions, dog. The scientific name of zebra is Equus quagga, they are herbivorous animals. Their average lifespan is 25 […]

Who is founder of Hinduism

Hinduism is not the name of religion it’s a geographical name for people who used to live beyond Indus river, the name of religion is Sanātana dharma (Devanagari: सनातन धर्म meaning “eternal dharma” or “eternal order”) Sanatana Dharma, is an Spiritual Science that answers very complex questions in a scientific way like, Who Am I? Who is God? Why God […]

10 Facts about crows

Crows are very intelligent birds. They have excellent problem solving skills. There are total 40 species of crow. They are found all around the world. Raven is the most common. Crows live alone and also in groups. A group of crows is called murder. If any member of their group dies they will try to […]

10+ Facts about Lizards

Lizards are part of large family of reptiles, they are more closely related to snakes. Most of the lizards have eyelids just like us. Some lizards like geckos can’t blink. Lizards use their tongue to catch scent particles in the air to find out the potential food or enemy. Lizards don’t have ear flaps like […]

10 Facts about ants

Ants are social insects that live together in colonies. Their nest communities can be located in underground , in ground-level mounds, or in trees. Ant size ranges from 2 to 25 mm. There are more than 10000 species of ants known around the world. Ant communities are headed by queen ant whose only function is to lay […]

10 Facts about Mosquitoes

There are around 3,500  types of Mosquitoes in the world. Sometimes mosquitoes can be dangerous because they carry germs (viruses and parasites) which can make you sick. Not all mosquitoes bite people but misquotes can bite day and night. Mosquitoes live for about 2-4 weeks and female mosquitoes live longer than males. Male mosquitoes do […]