what is food coma | why do i feel sleepy after eating food

Food Coma also known as Postprandial somnolence happens when you take a heavy lunch or meal then you hit the couch or bed room and you spend rest of your time in sitting, not moving due to laziness, sleepiness. Food Coma is very common and you probably have already been there. If you skip your […]

How do snakes breathe in water?

Snakes cannot breathe underwater because they do not have gills. Snakes are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for a longer period of time when they are under water. So the fact is snakes need air to breathe and they cannot breathe underwater. Most of the sea snakes can stay underwater for 30 minutes […]

10 Facts about the Sun

Atmosphere affects the sun’s color so during morning, evening and afternoon the sun appears reddish or yellow or white. This happens because our earth’s atmosphere scatters light. Red light has the highest wavelength so during the morning only red light reaches our eyes and all the other colors of the visible spectrum get scattered away.  […]

Top 10 Facts about Milk

Milk is produced by the mammary glands in female mammals. They use milk to nourish their young children just after birth. Humans also consume milk or its by products like butter and cheese which are good sources of essential nutrients and vitamins.  Cow milk is considered one of the best milks and is the most […]

Top 10 facts about peanuts

Peanut also known as groundnut is a legume crop which is mostly famous for its edible seeds. It is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics. Peanut is high in oil content and due to which it is called an oil-seed crop and it is mainly grown in Asian countries. India is the second largest […]

Almond Tree Facts

Almond tree is a deciduous tree that belongs to the prunus genus. This tree reaches a height of 4 to 3 metres and a mature tree has a diameter of 30 cm. Flowers appear singly or in pairs in Early Spring. Almond is called Drupe in botanical terms. Almond trees need sunlight and summer is […]

how to use google find my device? How to track lost android phone?

If you have lost your android phone and you are looking to locate your phone then you have to use google find my device service. To use this service open google.com and type “Find My Device” Or you can directly visit the website at : https://www.google.com/android/find?u=0 There is also an app available on play store […]