Areas where India beats China

There are 4 areas where India has upper hand which are as following

  1. With a median age of about 27 years, India’s population is younger than China’s, which is about 37 years old. There may be an advantage for India in terms of a larger labor force and economic growth potential due to this.
  2. In India, there is a federal parliamentary democracy, whereas in China, there is a one-party socialist regime. Differences in political systems can affect how countries govern and protect their citizens’ rights and freedoms.
  3. There is a strong service sector in India, which accounts for a large portion of the economy. Although China has an important service sector, it is not as dominant as India.
  4. Having a diverse culture and a wide variety of languages, India is a country of great cultural diversity. Despite China’s cultural diversity, Han Chinese culture dominates most parts of the country, which is also culturally diverse.

When we talk about GDP we find that China is well ahead of India by huge margins. China nominal GDP is 5 times that of India but is this the end of India growth ? No, India has an edge on Pharmaceuticals and Space technology compared to China.

China is well ahead of India in manufacturing sector. China industrial boom is not the result of innovation but implementation. Innovation happened in Europe and America and Chinese implemented those technologies now they even beat USA and any other countries in manufacturing. It is wrong to say that Chinese can’t innovate, they are innovating now i was talking about how china became a manufacturing hub.

China cheap labor work force compelled many foreign companies to setup their factories in China. Apple is not manufactured in USA but all its components are manufactured in different countries and assembled in China. Well this was China story now lets talk about areas where India beats China.

Race to Mars

Well everybody knows India has already reached Mars where as China is yet to accomplish it. China launched Yinghuo-1 on 8 November 2011 to Mars but it was a failure. Well China you gotta learn this technique from India how to send MOM to Mars in first attempt and also cheaper than every other countries in the world.

MOM known as Mars orbiter Mission is still operational and data is being collected by ISRO related to mars. India has not only reached to Mars but also it has a record of most successful satellite launches in the world. ISRO we are proud of you.  India launched GSLV Mark III it was the heaviest satellite launched by India, after this launch India is now capable of sending manned mission to space like Moon and Mars.

Remote Sensing Technology

India is a world leader in Remote sensing technology.  As name includes remote, remote sensing technology is used to identify distant places without touching it. In current times remote sensing generally means using satellite or aircraft to get the distant data.

Fight Against Diseases

Well China India can fight against diseases more efficiently than you. India is the largest manufacturer of generic medicines in the world. Generic drugs are sold on the name of chemicals that are used to make that drug rather than a brand name. Generic drugs contains the same ingredients and formula as found in a branded medicines with names. China is also the producer of generic drugs but lags far behind India. It still has to do a lot to catch up with India.

As china is the cheapest producer of electronics India is the cheapest producer of medicines in the World. There is a high demand for cost effective medicines rather than costly medicines because medicines are not luxury goods it should be affordable to even the poor people. By 2020 India’s pharmaceuticals industry will be around 55 billion US dollars.

Brahmos Missile

Yes, you heard it right. Brahmos is the number one cruise missile in the world. It is a two stage missile. First state uses solid propellant booster engine and second stage uses liquid ramjet which takes it to 3 mach speed in cruise phase. It has advance guidance system and is built with stealth technology.   Missile has a flight range of 290 KM. Brahmos is jointly developed by India and Russia.

Currently China has no protection against Brahmos. If any war between India and China breaks out Brahmos is ready to swipe China out of this world.

India is also developing Hypersonic version of Brahmos. Guess what ? this is more deadlier.