Anger of stick 5 wiki

About the game

Anger of Stick 5 is one of the most played game across the world. This game is featured with 3D strategy action game which is mentioned in the top listed game in the market. This game was published by J Park and it’s developers avails this game on the google play stores and on several major stores from which the desirable player of this game can download this game and get authorization of playing game. With an uncountable exciting features which tooks this game to a great platform. As per the reviews on this game, players are feeling blessed to get this game which help them to not get bored in their leisure time. This game constructed with an amazing graphic with an excellent skill effects which engraved with an unbelievable view of fighting process and leads their players to a strong sense of blow. This game is compatible on all the devices i.e. iOS, android, Web browser which is a great news for their players because every user who are included in prescribed devices category, can enjoy this game.

How to play this game and several major Features of this game

Story behind this game is base based on the stick man who tooks the responsibility of saving the group of people from the enemies who were violating in the city. Many people transform into zoombies by using an innocent people as an experimental tools. Although as a stick man, you should have a careful actions of battle. For vanishing the enemies, here are some tips which helps you to melle your enemy by using your hands and feet to battle with your enemy.

As we know that without weapons, it will be very difficult to end-up the battle so that’s why weapons are considered as major part of the battle. There are around 125 guns available in this game which offers a wide variety of choosing the guns and weapons for the war. Never the less, this game also avails you to use the swords of your choice.
With the help of direction keys, you can exibits the set of actions. This game is divided into two modes i.e single mode and zombie mode which can be accessed by the players as per their choice but it supports the team mode along with the individual fighting. This game is full of adventure as well as covered under action game. There will be proper equipment updates available with the ongoing experience in the game. The most favourite part of the players is shooting and blasting an enemies.

Hacks and tricks of this game

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