A Funny Incident

Actors: Wife, Husband, and a Shopkeeper
A small introduction about the characters, before going into detail about the incident.

Chaitanya and Mahathi, while they were studying their graduation at the same college, but on different streams met in college when a quest has been conducted by the college.

They met accidentally, but not purposefully with an unknown incident. They eventually, after a long conversation became friends. They used to meet at the college campus canteen at times. Gradually their bond became strong and exchanged their phone numbers.

They fell in love after 2 years of their friendship. Hey were placed in well reputed organizations after completing their graduation. This became harder time for both of them as they both were not placed in the same city. But this hasn’t become an obstacle for their love. Gradually, it increased and they ended up with marriage.
As they were not placed in the same city, even after marriage, Mahathi decided to give up her career to stay with her love, husband at home. She used to get bored staying all the time alone at home and would like to go around at least at weekends.

During the initial days of their marriage, they used to go out and enjoy on trips during weekends and whenever possible. As the time passes, he being busy with the work, she used to go alone for the simple shopping kind of things.

One fine day Mahathi wants to go out for shopping badly. But the husband, Mr. Chaitanya is too lazy, as he is watching his favorite show on TV, which is really breaking nerves with each passing minute. So he obviously said no to her.

But she desperately wants to go for shopping, as she felt like house arrest for a whole month and that too she need some important things to be brought.

Mahathi insisted on requesting Chaitanya, even upon getting continuous rejections from him. Then she decided to leave him the way he is and left for shopping carrying the TV remote with her putting it on her handbag.
She went to a shopping mall, where she checked with all what she want and went to the counter to pay bill regarding. All the items were invoiced one by one by the counter service person. The bill was generated.
Now she opened her bag to take out money. The counter service person noticed the remote in her bag and out of enthusiasm asked her about the remote she was carrying. Madam, do you carry TV remote always with you? No, she said, only at times when my husband refuses to accompany me for shopping.

She checked the bill and with the money. Then, she realized that she fell on the shortage of money. So decided to pay by her credit card. She gave her credit card to the vendor. The vendor took it and swiped the card. The card was declined, he just laughed and took back all the products that Mahathi had purchased.

Shocked by the way he responded and asked about what is the reason for his behavior. He replied, your husband has blocked the card. Clever she, carried her husband’s credit card too. The vendor was given her husband’s credit card. He swiped the card. The machine notified, enter the OTP received on your mobile to verify the owner.
As she was left with no other choice, returned with a sad face. At this exact point in time, her mobile phone beeped. Mahathi received a forwarded text message containing the required OTP sent by her husband Chaitanya. Appreciated his husband from inside her heart for his noble act.

Happily, she paid the bill for the items she bought and returned home safely. She narrated the whole incident that was happened there at the shopping complex to her husband and had fun together.