Is Time Travel Possible?

Do you sometimes wish that you could go back in time? There are times when you wish that you could fast-forward time because you do not like your current scenario. Ah! We have all been on that boat when we do not wish to live in the present and wish to go back in time or see the future. Some are just curious to know what the future holds for them! These are philosophical thoughts. We are going to share the scientific aspects of it.

Is time travel possible? We have heard about Einstein’s theory of relativity. Albert Einstein discovered that if a person could travel faster than the light then the time will go slow. Imagine you are on a spaceship which could run faster than the light. Everyone knows that light travels the fastest. As per you, time shall be passing slowly but you would feel that it is normal. As per the schedule of your spaceship, you would be 5 years ahead but in real, you would be 50 years ahead.

Here is a quick video which will explain you whether time travel is possible or not.

When it time for you to return, Earth would no longer be the same. Your friends would be old and your parents may not be there. Many movies have been made on time travel but everyone wishes to know whether it is possible or not. Could you skip time at your will? The answer is NO. It is possible but only when a time machine is invented. The concept is still an infant and the Scientists still have to develop a machine to make it possible. If a person can travel faster than light, they would be able to do time travel. However, nothing is faster than light and so; the scientists have to come up with a brilliant invention.

There are four ways of time travelling.

  • Speed of light – if you travel faster than light, you would be able do time travel.
  • Worm hole – it creates invisible magnetic field.

  • Cosmic strings – these are string-like objects. Objects attached to the strings will travel at an unbelievably fast speed.


  • Super massive black holes – The boundary of the black hole is called event horizon. Anything that will come near a black hole will get sucked up. It has a great gravitational pull. Even light would not be able to escape the black holes. It would require you to have a superb idea to travel time through the black hole.


Since we are three dimensional beings, we are not able to see the fourth dimension which is TIME. Time and space cannot be separated. It is a possibility that there might be a time traveller and they have visited us already.

Time travelling is one of our favourite topics and yes, it is not impossible. Technology has improved but it needs get more advanced to build a time travel machine. We require advanced technology to beat the speed of light. We are very sure that in the future, it shall happen. There will be a day when you would be able to see the future and mend things in the past.