10 Facts about the Sun

Atmosphere affects the sun’s color so during morning, evening and afternoon the sun appears reddish or yellow or white. This happens because our earth’s atmosphere scatters light. Red light has the highest wavelength so during the morning only red light reaches our eyes and all the other colors of the visible spectrum get scattered away. 

All other colors have smaller wavelengths than red light and also during morning and evening, the sun is at the farthest distance from the earth surface which makes scattering possible.

The Sun is actually a 4.5 billion year old star, which is made up of hydrogen and helium. It is actually 150 million km away from earth. 

1.3 million earths can fit in the sun this shows how big is our sun. 

Sun’s gravity is so strong that it holds our solar system (All planets) together. 

The sun is the only source of life on earth. Without the sun, nothing can survive on earth. Even plants make their food using sun light. Without sun everything on earth will freeze in cold and die.

Sun surface temperature is 5,500 degrees Celsius which is more than enough to boil diamonds and graphite. 

It takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach earth’s surface so if someday the sun disappears then we can only notice this after 8 minutes. 

Sun is not yellow or red in color but it is actually white in color and we notice yellow and red due to earth’s atmosphere which causes scattering of light just like a prism so when you are seeing sun as red it means only red light of sun is coming to your eyes and rest of the colors are getting scattered after hitting air. Sun’s actual color is white not red or yellow and white color is made up of all the visible colors. 

1000 Jupitar size planets can fit inside the sun.