10 facts about the chameleon

Chameleons are best known for changing color. They are very skilled in climbing and visual hunting. They are warm habitats and are found in different places throughout the world. Let us learn some cool and fun facts about chameleons.

Interesting facts about the chameleons:-

There are about 202 species of chameleons.

The eyes of the chameleons are back of their head.

They can rotate their eyes separately up to an angle of 180 degrees.

Most of the chameleon species live in Madagascar. About 44% of the total species live in Madagascar.

Chameleons are best known for changing colors. They change color either to communicate or to regulate their body temperature. Chromatophores, the color pigment cell, under their skin is responsible for this color change.

They cannot grow their tails, unlike other lizards.

They prey on their food with the help of their tongue. So they have a very strong and fast reflex tongue.

Chameleon’s spit is very viscous. It is about 400 times stickier than humans.

These creatures are not deaf but they do not have any ear opening.

Chameleons widely vary in size. It can range from 15 mm to 69 cm in length.