10 Facts about crows

  1. Crows are very intelligent birds. They have excellent problem solving skills.
  2. There are total 40 species of crow. They are found all around the world. Raven is the most common.
  3. Crows live alone and also in groups. A group of crows is called murder. If any member of their group dies they will try to find out what killed that member then they will try to chase the predator. This behavior is called mobbing.
  4. Crows are omnivores, which means they can eat anything like fruits, nuts, grain, seeds, insects, reptiles, mammals etc.
  5. Crows can mimic humans, learn counting up-to 7 and speak around 50 words if trained, this shows their intelligence. They can mimic their owners.
  6. In a study it was found that crows can actually remember the faces of Humans who have harmed them and this memory last through out the life of crow.
  7. Crows can live for about 15 to 40 years in the wild.
  8. Crows make caw-caw sound.
  9. Crows are fearless. They can chase away any predator bird e.g eagles.
  10. Male and female crows stay together and build their nest together.
  11. crows are also Scavengers.