10 facts about Cows

Cows are one of the most domesticated animals in the world for dairy products as well as used as food items. Cows are the female ones. Its male counterpart is called a bull. Their baby is called a calf. And a cow with no offspring yet is called a heifer. 

Let’s now quickly learn about some amazing facts about cows:

Some interesting 10 facts about Cows

According to Wikipedia, there are more than 800 types of cattle breeds spread all around the world.

Cows are vegetarian. They never eat meats. Their diet usually contains leaves, grass, grains, stems of wheat, corn, and oats, etc.

Cows have a total number of 32 teeth and they can chew their food around 40 to 50 times within a minute. They can chew their food for around eight hours a day.

Cows don’t like to be alone; they are very social. 

Cows can go to sleep while standing. They spend about 10 hours sleeping.

Four digestive sections in a cow’s stomach help the cow digest the food more smoothly.

Cows were known to be first domesticated in Turkey around 10 thousand years ago.

They cannot see the color red. They are color-blind.

Cows have a great sense of smell and they can smell odors from six miles far.

Cows are cud-chewing animals i.e. they can chew the partially digested food later on.

Cows are very calm and composed animals. They are very sweet and socially active to be in a friendly relationship with the owner. They are treated as sacred animals in Hindu culture.