10 Facts about Ants

During the rainy season, Ant is often seen moving around with food pressed in its mouth.  Ant comes among the smallest creatures on earth. In this article, you will learn some interesting things about ants so let’s try to know about ants in brief.

Interesting Facts about Ant 

There are about 12000 species of ants in the world.

It is also very interesting that the ant lifts 20 times more than its weight.

There is a queen ant among ants, whose orders have to be obeyed by all the other ants.

The interesting thing is that ants do not have ears, but they feel the vibrations of the ground.

The ant always walks in a line because it releases the fluid so that the ant behind it stays behind it.

Ants do not even have lungs and they breathe through microscopic holes made on its body.

The average age of ants is 90 days but the queen ant lives more than 30 years.

Upon the death of an ant, a chemical is released, which other ants come to know about its death by smelling it.

Humans and Ants are the only two such species in the whole world who keep their food together.

The weight of the ant is very light and the structure of its body is also such that even if the ant is dropped from a tall building, it does not harm the ant.

Interesting point:

Ants also have army ants that live in a herd. The number of their herds ranges from 3 to 5 Crores. These ants never stop and keep on moving. Army ant is carnivorous and it attacks and eats the creatures that come in its way. These organisms include insects and small animals. Army ants live in hot regions such as Africa, Asia.

The only duty of queen is to lay thousands of eggs to keep the colony running. In a ant colony there are worker ants who never reproduce but perform many duties for the colony like bringing food etc.

Male ants only duty is to mate with the queen after mating they may die no body cares.

Ants have six legs and a bent antennae.